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Thursday, February 27, 2014

GG grandfather Powell in NC

James Moore Powell
born Feb 27, 1791 in Bertie County, North Carolina, USA

Also lived in Warrentown, Warren County, NC when 29
Then married Nancy Jones Traylor on 20 Sept when he was 31 in Perry Alabama.
Then they moved with various family members to Dallas County, Alabama, where the state capitol had been laid out at Cahaba.  This census of 1830 has him at 39, married with 2 children, in a household with 22 slaves, 9 of whom were children under 10 years old.
Then more family moved together to Union District, LA, for the census of 1840 his household consisted of James, his wife, and 4 children, one had died in 1838.  The census of that year doesn't list slaves.  Ten years later, Census of 1850, this is the same location of the family.

My great great grandmother had married Richard Bass by the time of the 1850 Census, so the children at home still are Travis 19, John 17, Wm 14, and Emily 1.  Sons Lewis, John and Dr. William Pentecost POWELL have also moved out as they became adults. 

The 1860 census finds the family living in Walker County, Texas, which is also where my GG grandmother was now living.  

James Moore Powell died at age 77 in Old Waverly, Walker County, Texas.


William Meredith said...

My GG grandfather is Dr. William Pentecost Powell. He was a Confederate Army veteran, and he practiced medicine out of his 13 bedroom home in Willis TX until his death in 1915.

I wondered why his grave is in Old Waverly...

Wayne Yocum said...

William Pentecost is also my GG Grandfather, his son (William Edward Powell is my great-grandfather).

W.E. Powell left Willis somebody between 1880 and 1911, going to Nebraska and then to Canada, before coming back to Willis in 1931.

There's always been some question W.E. Powell left in the first place. Do you happen to have any information about that.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my post. I continue to look into my ancestors, and update my blog as new information comes available. I'm so sorry not to have answered your comment all this time, as blogger never sent it to me (as it used to do once) so I could moderate it and post it to the blog. I'll be looking into your questions in the near future. Barb Rogers

William Meredith said...

First I've heard of this. My conversations with my grandmother about him were very limited, and I was quite young. So, I have no further info.