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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dawn's early light

I don't have dogs...I don't wake and go for walks at dawn.  I have cats who insist I get out of bed and open the can and put it in their bowls.  If they had thumbs they wouldn't need me at all.

So today I did something rather irregular for me.  I fed them and made my first cup of coffee at 7:30.  A. M. that is.  Before the sun came into the windows.  The sky was pearly grey, no colors, so probably no clouds.

Now, at 8:12, the sun is just coming over the treetops, and guess where it hits first, at this post autumnal equinox season?  My computer screen!

It is tilted till I can't read the screen with my wonderful new glasses.  I finally give up and use the laptop screen, which I can at least position lots of different directions as I play tag with sunbeams.  What a lovely problem to have.  I'm delighted, though slightly blind from the shine off of various surfaces.

Thanks for sunshine.  The light by which we all live.

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