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Thursday, February 19, 2015

John C. Witty

John and Kesiah Witty
This version of his dates gives him living from 1845-1931.
And being married to Kesiah.

Another version has him dying in 1865, in the county in which he lived according to several census records.

Who was John C. Witty?
My great great grandmother's brother, Great times 2 Uncle John Witty.

My Mother: Mataley Webb Munhall Rogers
Grandmother: Mozelle Miller Webb Munhall
Great grandmother: Eugenia Booth Miller
Great great grandmother: Eugenia Almeda Witty Booth

He was in the Civil War,  Confederate  Regiment, State/Origin: Texas 12th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Young's)  Company:  K  Rank In:  Private   Rank Out:  Private 
1862 enlistment records.

So either he married this woman, or perhaps he had another cousin named John Witty, who remained in Alabama, who married a woman named Martha.  This person is less likely to be my great times 2 uncle, because his name was spelled Watty.  And he had returned to the Alabama area in which he was born.  I tend to go with John Watty of Alabama having been a cousin who didn't imigrate to Texas with his family when he was 6.

What I do know is that he was part of my Great times 2 Grandmother's household, first in Alabama before she had been born, then to Texas, and he's also on the census of the new "subdivision" in Hill County when 16.  He was only 18 when he enlisted in the military.  And probably died in 1865 and isn't the jolly old man in the picture with which I've started this post.

I did a search of records on Ancestry, and have more questions than answers.

But there was a young man who joined the 12th Texas Infantry for the Confederate cause.  Some Texans didn't want to fight for the south, and some went and joined Union forces.  It was a terrible conflict with brothers against brothers.

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