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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eugenia Witty's oldest sister

I am happily delving into various aunts and uncles, several times great, while it's pretty cold in North Carolina for the last few days.  This won't last, and eventually spring will return, and I'll have more activities than reading various census reports and cutting/pasting photos of my ancestors (or their siblings).

It does paint a picture of the times, which is always an education for me.
So here's Eugenia Witty Booth's oldest sister to learn a bit about, Martha E. Witty Barnes.
She also was born in Limestone, Alabama, as were her 2 older brothers.  Her birthday was Sept 25, 1846.  She appears in the Limestone Alabama Census of 1850, then next in 1860 she and her family have moved all the way to Hill County, Texas, where her father was a founder of a "subdivision" which was another name for land speculation which became Woodbury Texas.

She married John L. Barnes, who was born Aug 2, 1846 also in Alabama, but I know nothing about his family.  They appeared as a household in Houston, TX in the census of 1880.

They never had any children apparently.
By the time Martha was in her 60s, she and her husband were listed twice (1907 & 1909) in a city directory for Cleburne, Johnson County, TX which is near Dallas. The 1910 Census has them living there as well.  His occupation was advertised as gardener. 

Main St, Cleburne TX 1910s
She died on April 18, 1914, and he died on May 5 of the same year.  They are buried together in Woodbury Cemetery, Hill County, Texas.  Woodbury was the town which her father had helped found.
Old Woodbury Cemetery
Old Woodbury Cemetery
 Old Woodbury Cemetery
Martha E. Witty Barnes headstone
Martha E. Witty Barnes 1846-1914

J L Barnes
John L. Barnes 1836-1914

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