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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Furry face

Oh my...how could I find anyone in my photo files who links to this poor person?

Well, here's a nice photo of someone with a lot of hair on her face, sniffing a red flower...maybe a connection?

Inline image 1

Quite honestly, I've never noticed a scent from an Amaryllis... have you?
(NOTE: I can't locate the original of my son's cat sniffing the amaryllis...and several people have said the copied photo didn't make it.  Sorry about that, you'll have to imagine it, I guess)
Snow Leopard look for middle son.
My middle son with whiskers on his chin, and even mustache, but the fur is all synthetic as he plays with his daughter's sleeping bag.  I do usually see him on his vacations, during which times he likes to go unshaven...so he has a bit of furry face most of the times I see him.  When I mentioned this to him, he seemed a bit surprised.

All my sons now have whiskered looks (until middle one returns to work probably.)
The Viking look selfie on number one son.  He seems happy with the effect!
Youngest son, taken 7 years ago.  Not sure what his chin is sporting these days
And my favorite furry faced friends who live with me, must match this meme, of course.

Panther is pretty intelligent, and used to live outside before my friend befriended her and Panther moved in with her and eventually Panter moved in with me!.

Muffin has been steadily losing weight, at 17, but has a pretty good appetite these days.  

I hope you have seen some more interesting posts over at Sepia Saturday this week!


Karen S. said...

Very handsome sons, and all kitties adorable especially Muffin and each and every person and animal way cuter than our theme photo! Ha! Ha!

La Nightingail said...

You have some rather nice-looking sons, beards, moustaches, & all. And cats are always 'cool' & full of fur. Unfortunately, I couldn't view your first photo - with the woman sniffing a red flower - for some reason.

Kristin said...

Your sons all look much better than the hairy faced prompt! We had a cat named Panther who had a sister who looked just like your cat.

Wendy said...

I can't see the first picture -- I see a broken image tag. But I enjoyed the photos of your sons, especially the Viking! Must've been some party!

Postcardy said...

Muffin is adorable. I have a cat that is about 16, and it has become a real job to feed her.

Sharon said...

I promise that I had not read your blog before I wrote mine! We both have furry faced friends featuring!

Deb Gould said...

Hair or not -- they're a handsome group of boys!

Little Nell said...

All those ‘furry faces’ are very handsome (though I prefer the human males!) That Viking look is hilarious; how your son managed to keep a straight face I cannot imagine.

Mike Brubaker said...

All excellent photos by themselves for this furry theme so I think you've done very well.

L. D. said...

They are all great shots and I enjoyed seeing them.