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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not to be trite (so I won't say, a day late...) but yesterday was the anniversary of something we've mostly come to take for granted.

The 45th anniversary of the invention of the internet.

I don't know what my life was actually like before www.

TV and cable (but I think I used rabbit ears on my set).  Radio.  Phones that were beginning to be cordless.  And even portable phones, which were pretty big...and all you could do was talk on them.  I also had a new invention called a (what were they called, they beeped...ah) beeper.

Before those days, pay phones were available in urban areas.

Before the internet I had to write letters (or cards) and wait a week at least to hear from my friends...unless I paid long distance rates to talk to them.

Also yesterday was Cat Day.  That should be on your calendars next year.

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L. D. said...

What a great looking sleeping cat. I think internet starts were begun near here at Ames, Iowa ISU.