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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The water is sacred

We hear so much about pollution of our waters...and little about how all water is naturally sacred.
It comes to us from mother earth, providing for all life.
What's not sacred about that?

So when I heard "Blessings on the River" would be right here in Black Mountain, NC, instead of Asheville, this year, I was just tickled pink.  This is an annual performance, a ritual, a gathering of people who honor goddess energies, and above all, a community of people with open hearts and minds.

Drumming by 15 women of the Wild Bodema Drummers.

Singing by women of the Sahara Peace Choir.

Greetings of a Yoruba priestess of Oshun, goddess of the rivers.

Leadership by a priestess of Inanna and the Mother Grove Temple of the Goddess.

H. Byron Ballard

Blessings similar to baptism with water of a river.

Songs written and led by talented Annelinde Metzner.

Circle dancing for bees and all creatures.

Sufi dancing of honoring the beauty of each of us.

A setting out in nature next to free flowing waters.

An altar to the goddesses of water...

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barbara judge said...

I like this kind of event -- I used to drum a bit with a group. Life has so much to offer. -- barbara