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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Long lost relations

A cousin.
Haven't seen him since he was a kid...and he lives fairly nearby.

I found he had taken some pictures a few years back in Charleston, SC, which his sister posted to her Ancestry page...and I had copied them.  So I thought, let's just google the guy.

Yep, he's a professor and composer.  I'm so happy to have contacted him.  He vaguely remembers meeting me during a family camping outing shared between his parents and myself and my children back in the 70s.

Those were good times to remember, and very few.

I'm so happy to live here in the south, where everyone seems to get together with their families all the time, Sunday dinner, holidays with kids sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags, lots of traditions kept alive.  I didn't do that, having moved off away from my family of origin.  And I didn't think to try to reinstate it when I became a matriarch.  I miss it when others talk about how much fun they have with extended families.

But I don't miss the part of squabbles, which I do remember whenever I went home to my parents.

Oh well, nothing is perfect.

I do hope to meet this young man sometime in person.  I don't think he is that interested in genealogy.  But he was pleased that I knew that today is the anniversary of his father's birth.  He was a very talented and loving man.  I miss him too.

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Karen S. said...

I like catching up with folks too, and with Facebook, I can keep up with relatives far from me!