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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ancestors Birthdays for January

A bit retrograde, like Mercury, are the January ancestors' birthdays:
Margaret Etha Miller,
James Winston Rogers
Eugenia Almeta Booth Miller  


Margaret Etha Miller, (see my blog post about her here)
Born January 10, 1909 in Smithfield, TX.  Great Aunt Margaret was the sister of my mother's mother, Mozelle Booth Miller Webb Munhall. 


James Winston Rogers was born January 14, 1922
He was a younger brother of my father, George Elmore Rogers, Jr.  Much younger, by 7 years.  We called him Uncle Jimmy.

Married in 1945, (divorced 1980's) to Dorothy Marie Hehlke Rogers, d. 1987 Stevens Point, WI

This picture was from my father's album, which I never knew existed until a few months ago.
(Dad's mother) Ada, James, (my mother) Mataley, (my father) George Jr, and (Dad's father) George Rogers Sr., San Antonio, Texas

4.21.35 (Uncle Jimmy) James Rogers in front, (Uncle) Chauncey and (my dad) George Jr, (Dad's mother) Ada and (Dad's father) George Sr.

James, Ada Rogers, Mataley Rogers, San Antonio Texas.

James, Ada and George Rogers Sr. 1201 Woodlawn, San Antonio TX
George Rogers Sr and his sons, James, Chauncey and George (horsing around!) San Antonio TX

The time I remember meeting my Wisconsin relatives was at Thanksgiving in 1953 when we drove up to Stevens Point from St. Louis.
(Left to right front) (cousin) Patricia, (myself) Barbara, (sister) Mary Beth, (Back) (Dad) George, (Aunt Dottie) Dorothy,(Uncle) James, (cousin) Christine Rogers

Christine and Patricia Rogers (James' children,) are cousins that I've only seen a few times in my life, and now they have children (and maybe grandchildren too)  Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Dottie also had 2 other children, Cynthia and John Fitz Rogers.  I met them once with my oldest 2 sons on a camping trip to Wisconsin.

James Rogers, 1953
Uncle Jimmy was a commercial artist, which somehow was given a second rating whenever I learned about "real art" (like in museums.)  But he made his living doing art for an insurance company (Wassau) for many years.  He was inspirational to me to dabble in various artistic endeavors so my family could say "it may run in the family."

The only picture from this trip with my mother Mataley Rogers in it, center, just behind myself in the coat with collar.  I enjoy the kind of candid nature of these pictures.

James Rogers and brother George Rogers, 1953 (George was around 6 feet, I never noticed James was taller!)
George, Chauncey and James Rogers at their father's burial (George Rogers, Sr.) 1960, Houston, Texas


Eugenia Almeta Booth Miller (see my past blog post about her here) 
 b. 1.30.1873, 
m 10.28.1896 Charles Miller (Mueller,) 
 d. 1.1.1936. 
 My great grandmother on mother's side, for whom I given the middle name Booth.

I'll try to get the March ancestors birthday published in that month!  No promises!

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B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I have taken comments directly from the back of several photos, when I doubted that they were actually of Uncle Jimmy, rather the uncle I never knew, Alexander. He was closer in age to Chauncey and George, while Jimmy was still a boy. But I posted the names as had been written by someone before me. It's their mistake, not mine!