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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Must Stop...

...spending so much time here blogging.  I read a lot of other people's blogs.  I comment on a few of them, depending upon 1) whether or not I have anything to say and 2) whether or not they have a requirement for me to fill in a bunch of blanks by typing (which I generally avoid).

Then I write 3 blogs almost daily.
And one is often about my genealogy, which requires me to spend time at Ancestry DOT com, (this one sometimes)

So I've decided to do 3 things.
In order...I'm reducing my work with Ancestry for a while.  I'll just post one blog a week about my ancestors.  I hope they understand.

Second, I'm reducing the time I spend on the computer.  Just think, spring is coming soon and I'll want to do other things in the good weather of North Carolina.

And Third, I'll merge a couple of my blogs, which means there will only be the one that is actively receiving information about my life and pottery and living in Black Mountain.  So come on over Alchemy of Clay to see anything I have to say...mostly. It may take a bit of an adjustment period.

I will also reduce the blogs I read, but I won't tell you that.
Just assume if I read your blog, and sometimes comment, I'll be back soon.

Thanks for following me here, and I hope you'll consider following me over on my "combined blog."  Barb


Rian said...

Hi Barb, I was surfing your websites and found this one... which sounds like it is merging with *Alchemy of Clay* soon. Good idea. I too have several blogs, but merged them into *Older but better...?* a while back. Trying to keep them all updated takes too much time.

And I also like to play around with Genealogy and ancestry. Have put it off for the winter to make time for pottery and quilting, but hope to get back to it this summer.

Thanks for dropping by my site! I have added your's to my reading list... and like you, I lurk at many, but read and respond to only a few.

Need to mention that your title... "When I was 69" caught my eye as DH and I are both 69 and find the upcoming big 7-0 a bit daunting.

Barbara Rogers said...

Glad to hear from you...and that we have so many interests in common. I'll be looking for more over on your blog. It's interesting passing by the 69 year, and 70 is of course one that gets all the attention. I'm now 72 actually!