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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Home Movies part 2

Happy birthday to my little sis.

Two munchkins opening their loot under the Christmas tree, 1947, Houston, Texas

Mary Beth Rogers, almost 2 years old
Barbara Rogers, 5 years old
MB on her new trike - complete with a bell!
Big sister didn't want to share her candy with little sis
With lots of urging by relatives, MB said "Hello."  (Nobody answered her toy phone)  Much laughter in background
Let's try out her new trike! (going downhill was tricky when your feet barely reached the pedals!)

A short while later MB takes a tumble while the camera rolls on.  I imagine hearing her wailing.  Why didn't cameraman stop and do anything to help, but wait until my father came to pick her up?  Because that must have been my bachelor uncle doing the filming...

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