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Friday, February 27, 2015

Crowds and parades and theme parks

When my husband, myself and our two children first moved to Tampa, Florida in Oct. 1969, within a few months, my Massachusetts resident parents had to come visit us.  So we all went to Busch Gardens.  And Dad took photos and then shared his photos later, as below.

This first one has the monorail behind us, with mother wearing her shades, Marty at 7 in a blue and red coat, and Dad actually took off his hat.  I'm wrestling with 2 year old Russ. 

And then we enjoyed some good food at the restaurants in the area...I'm not sure this was at Busch Gardens or not.  I do remember that my sister had recently moved to a farm in Tennessee and gave me all her "dressy dresses," so that's what I am wearing.  I don't think I would have bought that for myself.

My parents visited again in time to go to Walt Disney World which opened near Orlando (in 1971), about a 2 hour drive from Tampa.

I used to have all of my father's collection of the parades and shows that were at DisneyWorld. But why keep photos of people I didn't know or care about?  So I no longer have any photos of those parades, or the Bears' Jamboree. 

Here's the DisneyWorld Main Street, with Christmas Tree, and Mom's back wearing her straw hat, with me directly in front of her.  Perhaps Dad was more interested in the replica car anyway.

Marty seemed to be having a good time, looking at the camera in his upside down sideways way.

Waiting in lines, the kids sometimes got a bit impatient.

At the Space Port entrance there were some drinks available before we tried "Out of Sight" and whatever else was available.  Since this was the first year DisneyWorld opened, some of the more popular exhibits and rides were not built yet.  Epcot didn't open until 1982, for instance.

But we did enjoy the kids having fun a these two big amusement parks.  Central Florida was opening up to become a family friendly tourist attraction, rather than just the South Florida beaches.

My oldest 2 sons, who now have children of their own, have brought them to these and other attractions.

I'm entering this post in Sepia Saturday this week, with theme of crowds and parades.

...a 1917 postcard depicting a political demonstration on Nevsky Prospect in Petrograd, Russia, and as students of Russian history will know, this was right in the middle of the Russian revolution. The image comes from the Kathryn & Shelby Cullom Davis Library of the Graduate Institute of Geneva. For those in search of a theme there are, as always, plenty of options: parades, banners, and gatherings spring to mind and for those in search of a more revolutionary approach, there is always revolutions. All you need do is to post a post on or around Saturday 28th February 2015 and link it to the list below....over on Sepia Saturday!


Karen S. said...

Oh what a lovely post indeed. Every photo tells a story, and my favorite throughout is- remember those days when folks dressed well and wore delightfully beautiful hats! No shorts, especially not short-shorts and baseball caps advertising something! Lovely memories here for sure for you and your family and us too!

Wendy said...

I wish I had thought of CROWD as a theme. Your memories of Disney and Busch Gardens seem much like our family's memories and pictures.

Alan Burnett said...

Oh I do remember those wonderful Disney parades from visits to EuroDisney when Alexander was young. Thanks for releasing the floodgates of memory.

Deb Gould said...

You're wearing a scarf in the first photo -- didn't we ALL wear scarves over our heads like that? Oh, so glamorous!

La Nightingail said...

A very nice group of photos showing a family having fun together!

Jo Featherston said...

Happy days! I haven't been to Disneyworld, but we did take the children to Disneyland a couple of times back in the 1980s and '90s and I remember thinking that it certainly lived up to its reputation as the happiest place, or at least, for making its visitors feel that way.

Tattered and Lost said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are so many people who would have happily bought those photos of unknown people from you, especially of DisneyWorld.