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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Back in college?

Dream as the new year arrives...
I share a room with 2 other women in a dorm.  (Note, I only tried rooming with others in college for a few months, didn't work out.)
We have a big area with 3 desks and 3 beds, and some shelving.  My shelves have pottery on them.  There's also a stool with a potted philodendron sitting on it.  All the walls are bright white.  We are really crowded together.
I decide we must be ready for a fire drill (who knows why!) and convince my invisible roommates that we can do our own fire drill before everyone else, and then be prepared. (Must be the girl scout coming out in me!)
So they say, "when it's warm enough outside we'll do it."
And then we do, carrying a few of our precious possessions outside as if there really were a fire about to eat everything else.

I awake having been shoo-ing off the cats for the last half hour...one of whom has found sitting on my shoulder is the best way to get my attention. 

Meaning of dream?  I know many changes are coming, and that I need preparation for this year.  My conscious self has been thinking along these lines.  I do wonder who these other 2 women might be who are influencing me (beyond cat disturbances).  I think I will look in meditation for guides...whether angels or ancestors.  I sure could use the help!

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