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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

61 degrees F on Jan 20th

Holy Cow.  What happened to winter?
OK, I keep posting this amazement that this winter is not behaving properly.

But having just tossed out a bunch of old pottery, and washed out a bunch of trashbaskets with the hose outside...I think my body, as well as the rest of the earth around me, is responding to spring.

This is it.  We'll look back in a few years and say, that was the beginning of the big changes of global warming.  Remember the last snow?  The LAST snow?  It might just have been that.

Well, no doomsayer me.  I just feel like time has run out for the life of our civilization.  And there's no turning back.  Guess that does sound a bit doomish, doesn't it?

So we'll slide slowly into decline.  Remember the "rise and fall of the Roman Empire?"  I don't really.  I think it was pretty military.  I wonder if our "rise and fall" will be considered ecologically.  Probably not.  History tends to be written around military feats.  Maybe not this time.

OK, prove me wrong, Gaia, oh goddess of the earth.  Or Atlas who might shrug us off his shoulders.  It's fine by me.  But I think cycles will continue, and probably humankind...and another civilization will probably stuggle and replace ours.  It's what history has shown many times.  If we have any chance because of all our huge errors of judgement, that is.

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