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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why we give presents

It's consideration of another's joy.

All that is, is love.

Not completely unconditional.  We want to be considered back in their eyes, I do think.

I am so happy to have finished mailing out things that need to be received by Christmas.  Actually they were baked goods and I wish they could have been shipped a bit faster.  I was used to thinking Priority mail got there the next business day...but this time of year it takes 3 whole days.  So Tuesday's mail will be received by Saturday.

To just about anywhere in the country we can have things shipped this way.  It sure costs more than it used to...but I won't go there.

Let's go back to sharing joy.

A friend and I don't usually share gifts...we see each other, send emails, or speak on the phone often, but the best thing we share is a lunch out.  I save my pennies so I can really enjoy this outing, because when I'm at the end of the month and the end of the budget, is NOT a good time for this kind of outing. She is such fun, and a professional potter so usually has some tidbits that I can learn from her.  We have many friends in common, who sometimes will join us as well.

Just wanted to let you know what makes joy in my life these days.  The postal clerk helped me find a box which would hold all my goodies and cost half as much to ship as the choice I had started with.  He was so nice while the people behind me were huffing and puffing!

I also love to be remembered by family and friends...in simple ways.  Don't we all?

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