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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Twas the night before

Not only all the presents to prepare for an extended family, but a dinner at a family member's home nearby, with lots of people to take presents for that occasion!

Fortunately this year, this household is going to grandma's for Christmas dinner.  So today's cooking was just a batch of gingerbread cookies (for Santa of course.)  That was after my 10-year old granddaughter made waffles for breakfast!

The house where tonight's party was held!

Our hostess
Our host holding his youngest son while oldest looks on
A right Jolly old Elf

She trimmed the carrots for the reindeer

And arranged them in an "R" on the front porch
While the littlest peeled the paper off the candy cane

Which promptly melted in the hot cocoa that had been prepared by sister number 2
Yes there are the gingerbread men for Santa as well.

Hair and teeth brushed and ready for...
A shared reading of the Night Before Christmas...then to bed for the kids, and you know the other little mice tiptoed around late into the night, aka parental Santa impersonators.

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