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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

On Aging

From Ram Dass on Aging.  Please click and read a few paragraphs of his words.

Embracing Aging within Society (Ram Dass)

Among other thoughts, he says:
we’ve ended up where we have alienated ourselves across generations instead of embracing ourselves across generations...in our society of course, where technology moves so fast we get outdated, so that the question of what wisdom elders have that is useful... and I realize now that I already can't talk the language of my friend’s twelve-year-old son and you know I moved from a typewriter to a computer..
 Richard Alpert, aka Ram Dass, has been an elder who I've listened to for about 40 years of my life....ever since reading his Be Here Now.  His teachings reflect those that were taught to him by his guru.  I chased the idea of having a guru for years.  After all, the Beatles had one.

Funny how I would be interested in the spiritual pursuits of a rock group.  But that shows just what Ram Dass is saying about how we look for wisdom in our culture of promoting youth and the glitz of showmanship, whether in the music industry or Hollywood.  Since when does a spiritual message come from those sources, I now ponder.  He did teach me to look to spiritual wisdom from those who were were seriously working on themselves, if I couldn't find the words of the "Masters"

So I read blogs these days.  They are another great way to share between like-minded friendly (mostly) people on topics that range all over the place.

And I pass along the wisdom in little bytes on Facebook everyday.  Some even gets clipped and shared here with you.

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