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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Flight rain

 Took off in the afternoon and climbed above the clouds...dull but pretty.

Sometimes flying between layers of clouds, but then before landing, we had to go through lots of cloud.

Landing gear had been lowered and we approached the airport before we could see a thing.

 The next bit of fun was hiking through Atlanta's various escalators, trains and terminals to find the right gate for the next plane.

The view out my window didn't look too promising for picture taking.

But by the time we were 3rd or 4th in line for take off, I'd tried a few settings on the camera...and could do this.
We would see one plane land, then in a minute another would take off

Saying goodbye to Atlanta

Coming through the clouds to see our Connecticut destination.
On the ground, and the weather was still cloudy, but no more rain, for now!
And now I am in the arms of my loving family!

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L. D. said...

It is quite an experience to fly and your photos do show the process of it all. It reminds me of the airports where we had to run to get to the next plane.