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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Acting my age...

"It's not Wednesday, so you can't have the Senior Discount that is only offered on Wednesday..." the young man checking my groceries said kindly.

"Oh, but I just had a Senior Moment.  Actually the whole time I was in the store I shopped thinking of that wonderful discount.  I wouldn't have purchased as much if I didn't think I had it."

Life's embarrassing, and expensive moments.

I was obviously in a spending mood, but not much spending.  Purchased some wrapping materials for my projects to go to my family next week.  Then stopped for some more food, than I'd already purchased earlier this week.  There was something special to get at this store on Wednesday (which I missed).  But I also forgot completely what special item that store had in order to purchase it.

So I got some of the goodies I like there, which are already discounted.

And I must share what I'm happily enjoying right now, some Gaelic Ale by Highland Brewing Co.  I had some before Thanksgiving, but it's long gone.  We shall see how long this is around.  I don't really like to drink wine, but love one beer either before bed, or before dinner, or after dinner, or in the afternoon...or whenever.

So I may not have all my marbles in the sack any more, but I'm happy.  The oven is full of my special mushroom noodle casserole.  The toaster oven has some Talipia ready to broil...or I guess I could just slide it into the big oven.  Oh my...what a smart idea I just had, didn't I?   I did forget to put the spinach in with the noodles too...so it will be a side dish.

What me worry?  (Five stars if you know who I'm quoting.)

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