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Monday, November 24, 2014

While reading my blog list

I'm so glad to have beautiful music to listen to while reading blogs, and eating breakfast.  You all out there in blogland don't care if I'm sitting here in my jammies.  And yet, there's the missing element which a shared breakfast used to have.  Pass the funnies.  My turn for "this section" of the paper.  We always waited to read "Parade"...I wonder if the Sunday paper still has it.

I haven't purchased a newspaper in probably 20 years.  But I do look at various news sites on line.  Not as often as I first did.  I hope they survive as on line sites, because that's where local news is archived.  What would genealogists do without the local listings of obituaries and weddings?  Do they still list the newborns also?

I'm pretty much addicted to these luminous screens for information these days.  I still like the funnies and go to Comics to read my favorites.  Sundays are special still.   I stopped reading Yahoo's news page long ago.  But I don't get much of the international news unless I stop by BBC or CNN.  How do you get your news?  Is it broken up by commercial messages on the big 4 networks on a TV?  Or do you select which things to read on your computer?

Thanks for being part of my life...and you didn't even know it.

How do you read your blogs?

Oh, my music is either streaming through iTunes (free internet choice of several thousand broadcasts with NO commercial messages besides support for NPR kinds of yearly things) or right now listening to "Elder Music on Time Goes By" which is published Sunday mornings with humor by Peter Tibbles from Australia.

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