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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Getting help

I have been known to use those 800 numbers when Ancestry DOT com just muddles things up too much for me to figure out.
And I've learned how to do several things.

Last night's 50 minute call taught me how when an ancestor appears twice and is married to the same wife (who only appears once) and has two sets of the identical parents, and has two sets of the identical children, they want me to count it as Intra-Familial Marriages.

So I followed that advice, and it didn't remove the duplicate ancestor...nor his parents nor the 24 kids.

So the customer service guy (with several holds while he consulted his supervisor) sent me another set of instructions.

I wasn't to try to do them while he was on the line, as they were very involved and I needed to take the time to do them.

I then was supposed to answer a survey as to how satisfied I was with his service.

The dingbat survey (totally recorded) didn't record my answers, and asked the first question about 5 times before it moved on to the second question.  After the 5th time telling it that "No, I didn't solve my problem," I finally hung up.  Hope Eric doesn't lose his job...but I finally just deleted my ancestor's children and his parents.  And this morning I started adding them back into the tree.

At least the ancestrial cousins don't leave my list of relations when they are deleted from a family.  But I haven't the time to put them all back in today.

So a bunch of cousins have just gone missing.  The only useful thing I find for them is proving the birth or death dates for their mothers.

I may leave out a mother that is listed having children in her 60's.  And being 20 years older than her husband.  I think someone made a mistake there.

So that was almost an hour of my life gone last night.  And then this morning I couldn't log onto Ancestry the way I always do...and had to ask them to send me a new password.  Some help!

But I'm hooked...because now I'm in the realm of the glorious patriots who somehow stuck their necks out to fight and sometimes die to make a country where people would have a say in their government.  Yesterday was election day.  No comment.

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