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Saturday, October 11, 2014

When I was 72

Contrary to the name of this blog, I continued to count my birthdays.  I thought my 69th year was pretty momentous, thus started the blog.

But year after year continues to have lots of ups and downs.

I'm not doing a new blog each year, so I hope my blogland friends can just bare with me.  Or is that bear with me?

So here I yam a couple of months into another year if I count them on my birthdays.  I still live independently, and have a wonderful group of real and virtual friends...you know which one you are.
I go through stages of journaling my life, like reading Tarot cards.  Sometimes it feels right, sometimes not.  I stay involved in my church though I may have different opinions at times.

I've returned to the Black Mountain Clay Studio most days, where I try to push myself to do something I  want to do (I almost said need)...to try new things, to share with friends there.  I have a studio at home where I can throw or glaze or hand built.  I've got a small group of other potters (Mud Buddies) who I share summer sales with on Saturdays, and that season is winding down.

I've started a new informal partnership with another potter for showing at a couple of venues other than the Saturday markets.  We both are motivated by financial needs.

And occasionally I take day trips with various friends.   This Sunday we're going to the Spruce-Pine Potters Market...one of the best in the area with potters from the mountains sharing their wares.  The show starts on Saturday...10-5, but I'll be going to Black Mountain's Tailgate market then.

And my health continues to be a concern...needing more attention than expected, in almost unexpected ways.  Drat.  And dang.  And dang-bat too!  It makes it hard to do other things besides blogging.  When I have the worst other symptoms, (usually, knock on wood) I can still type on the computer. 

I am so glad to sometimes have comments in exchange (usually with folks from Sepia Saturday).  Anytime you want to comment on what I've posted, just click the "Comments" link at the bottom of the page, where either "no comments" or perhaps #__ comments is the tag.

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Karen S. said...

Well, I believe we're really as young as we feel...sometimes we feel oh a little bit older...but mostly young....I gave up on numbers a long time ago!