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Monday, October 6, 2014

Weather is changing

An early change of color, probably a maple, which lost a lot of it's beauty as the rain came down last Friday, That rain brought us cooler weather, wind and sunshine on Saturday.,.but that night many folks in the mountains had the first frost.

I was unprepared, so am grateful that my little potted flowers all made it through.  I now have to set up an indoor place for a dozen small and 5 large plants.  Each year I chose a different spot.  If they are in the warm living room, they tend to bloom all winter, or early in the spring...that's where the 2 tropical fish tanks are which are kept close to 70 degrees by their own heaters.

But I think the studio is more likely to get the plants, leaning up against a wall right inside the doorway.  That's the plan as of today.  Just need to construct some shelving out of milk crates and boards...so that's the job when I get to it...fortunately warm weather has returned for this week.

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L. D. said...

Beautiful natural color.