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Friday, October 3, 2014

The split of sibling ages

Hi all my friends at Sepia Saturday!

This week I look at the little guy, who in my family, was the youngest son.

Tai (above) is 12 years younger than his next older brother, (Russ below pic) and 15 years younger than the eldest.

Lots of times this can happen in families.  My father had a younger brother - 8 years younger than himself, and my father had been the "baby of the family" for all those years.

Then that younger brother also had 2 sets of siblings, with a gap of 13 years between them.

And so I show you a continuation of my camping fun with my youngest son.  Sometimes we were joined by his middle brother if he could take a vacation.

While he was in middle school, his sibling was graduating college.  And his older brother married a few years after that.

Laurel Falls, Great Smoky Mountains, from below and above.

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La Nightingail said...

It happens. My husband's aunt was born after a 13 year gap on the way from Canada to California. Same thing with a former boyfriend of mine whose next oldest sibling was born after a 12 year gap when the family moved from Texas to California. It does make you wonder what it is about California???

Kristin said...

My oldest and youngest were 16 years apart, however there were 4 others inbetween so there was no gap bigger than 6 years.

Postcardy said...

There may have been an even bigger gap in my father's family in the late 1800s.

Bob Scotney said...

I was the youngest of three boys and 17 years younger than my eldest brother. I was a child when he went to war. So I can equate to your boys.

Lorraine Phelan said...

My husband's nieces and nephews and our children were all born within about 10 years and had many happy family holidays together. Except for one, who was born ten years later. She's missed out on all the fun and is almost like an only child/grandchild. Her cousins are all adults.

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

My ex was an uncle before he was born. Almost twenty years between him and his eldest sister. Spreads the fun over a longer period of time or so sayeth my ex-mother-in-law.

Alex Daw said...

An interesting response to the theme.

Little Nell said...

That’s a good take on the theme and you’re right these age gaps often occur. My husband’s older brother went away to university when my husband was very young and he remembers saying goodbye to him.

Jo Featherston said...

Fascinating! Of course there would be many reasons for large gaps between children, but after having four over 7 years, I just could not imagine starting over again after few years' break!

Wendy said...

It is so sweet to travel with one of your kids and have these great memories. When my second daughter was little, she invented "Mommy-Zoe Days" when just the two of us went out for a special day. Now she's married, and I miss Mommy-Zoe Days.