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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pottery for pot lucks

My Sepia Saturday post this week is based on the suggestion of pots.  Well, being a potter, I needed to pull out a casserole or something along those lines. (Go to Sepia Saturday to see more HERE)

Here you see another table that is long and holds a variety of serving dishes, but not a bite to eat.  This was one of the 2010 sales of student's pottery at Black Mountain Center for the Arts.

And here's another one...
This is all student work.  Unfortunately not many people came up the hill to buy our wares...though the prices were certainly reasonable.  We stopped trying to sell pottery in our parking lot after these depressing sales (or lack thereof.)

But here are some of my casseroles, which I never sold, but gave as presents to relatives!   I don't even know if they've ever baked in them.

A simple squash souffle dish, which I did sell.

Another casserole which sold.

And here we are, another table covered with pottery, at the weekly Tailgate Market in Black Mountain, all summer long (actually 26 weeks)  So I still think food needs to be in hand crafted pottery, whether for serving it or just eating my own meals.  Once a month I take a pottery container of something edible to a pot luck at church.

And the student potters at BMCA will be selling their beautiful wares for Holly Jolly the first Fri evening in Dec...this is a great sale!

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