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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No more trite phrases

How long do you think I can write blogs without including trite phrases?  It will be a good challenge...to use English as a more expressive language.

Does this mean that I have nothing better to say than to look at my grammar?  Perhaps.

II give you a wonderful piece of sculpture that inspires me, as well as resonates with my own mental questions.

And a fascinating piece of art : "Alice Through the Looking Glass" located in Guildford’s Castle Grounds (Surrey, UK.) in a walled garden behind the bowling green, close to the house where Lewis Carroll used to live.

When I went through a wonderful re-birthing ritual in the 1990s, I took on a new name.  Alice.  Haven't really used it, as it's kind of a spirit-name.  So it goes well with my intention to speak with more awareness and honesty.  I didn't include succinctness however.

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