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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The only wildlife

I went up to Mt. Mitchell the other day...to take a new friend who'd not yet been to the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi (in the US of course) See my other blog HERE.

And all along the Blue Ridge Parkway we saw lots of trees, and people on motorcycles.  Not too much traffic, but about half of it was on 2 wheels.  And maybe 3 or 4 people on bicycles too.

Wildlife was in short supply however!

This is as close as I got.  I don't even remember seeing any birds.

I wouldn't have seen him if he hadn't hopped away as I walked over to the edge of the woods.  I started in a grassy area, and suddenly there was something ahead of me, which then became very still, when I became very still also.  So I took another step.  (at the bottom portion of the picture, where a lot of twigs all intersect, is a tiny frog.)

He won the "I'll stay still till she goes away" contest, and I went home.

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