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Thursday, September 4, 2014

His name means Peace

Last year I posted a brief collection of photos of my son, Tai.
Happy birthday to him again, and if you want to see the younger Tai, go here.

Here is his own web site now...updated HERE.
Be sure to click on some of the links there to see his sculptural pieces.  Talk about wall hangings!

My favorite picture from last year is now his facebook portrait...with his partner, Kendra Brewer.

And yes, before he was born, I found the name Tai, in the Chinese Book of Changes, The I Ching.  Hexagram 11, T'ai, Peace, a balance of the feminine and the masculine energies.

Seemed like a good name for my son, and a tattoo...  (Not on me though!)

May you have many more years of happiness and Peace, Tai Rogers!

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