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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hey, Russell, here's a granddad...

Aaron John Rogers, born 1265 in Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy,  died 1356 in Somerset England.  I posted about him HERE before.

And this is the furthest back that the Rogers genealogy goes at this point...or maybe there was another count who lived in Naples.  Mmm, that must have been on a different tree.

Anyway, whether or not this grandfather is truly yours or not, have a great birthday this 16th of August.  I know you're my son, and am so proud of you.  I've loved you since the day you were born!

I think what is remarkable about the Rogers tree is that all these men had a son...until my generation.
And of course you've done the same thing my dad did, had only daughters.  But then, your mom (me) changed her name back to Rogers after her divorce, and apparently a couple of my female cousins also still have the Rogers name.  So what's in a name?

I'll only post one picture of you this year...since I posted so many last year HERE. 

Now which one do I want to post, hummmm...how about this one?

A Taco for 49 cents, and Tai was much shorter than you were, just before we left Altanta for Cumberland Island vacation trip...mid 80s.  It was great fun with you and Tai on several summer camping trips.  Now you both have your own summer vacations...outdoors too!

Have a very happy birthday, son.

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