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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The July 30 birthdays

Zulie G
Zulieka Granger Phillips Swasey b. July 30, 1858 near Atlanta. GA on plantation, called Dear Nan (She died 4.21.1935 near Rosenberg, TX.)   I've already given tribute to "Dear Nan" my great grandmother on my father's side, HERE.

When she was celebrating her 33rd birthday in 1891, when probably living in Galveston, Texas, my grandfather on my mother's side, Albert "Bud" Joe Webb, was being born in Weesatche, Goliad County, Texas.  (His died in 1919 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, so I never met him).  I have given some information about him Here.

Albert "Bud" Webb 1924
 Is there anything I can add about these two ancestors?  Thanks to Ancestry where other relatives are posting pictures of our ancestors, I do have this new one to add to my collection.

 The home of Alexander and Zulie Swasey where Ada Swasey married George Rogers in 1906, Galveston, Texas. Picture much more recent.
Grandpa "Bud" Webb's draft card for WW I, filled out June 5, 1917.

And here is George Rogers draft card for WW I, filled out Sept 12, 1918.

Neither of them served in the war.

There are some really different questions on the forms they have filled out.  In 1917, Bud answered 12 questions...not claiming any cause for exemption....but he did show he had wife and child.  And the questions including asking if he was support for anyone under 12 years of age.  I don't know if there's a typo or if he gave his birthdate wrong, but he was born in 1861, and the draft form says 1862.

It is strange that Grandfather Rogers "Poppy" gave his next of kin as his mother in Galveston, while he was living with wife and children in Fort Worth.  However, I'm so glad he did, because that one piece of information told me his mother was still alive at that time, and then I went through records to find out more about her life.

Poppy also has a wrong birthdate on his draft card of 1918.  He was born August 28, 1877, and the form says Aug. 20.   By the 1918 form, there are 20 questions asked, but none about his marital status at all, nor if he had children dependent upon him.  Instead there are 5 questions about his race.

I am so glad that neither of them were in the war.  Though Bud died in September, 1919, Poppy lived until February, 1960. 

So a happy anniversary of your birth, Dear Nan, and Grandpa Bud.

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