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Friday, July 4, 2014

Dead Ends on the tree...not

These are branches that don't go back any further.  They obviously are not dead ends literally.

I just don't know parents of these people, so this is where this line stops, for now.

My mother's family goes back a few generations for each of the member, except her grandfather Charles Herman Mueller (1868-1946) from Germany.  I've never found his parents.

My mother's father's father's parents are another stopping place.  Samuel James Webb  b. 28 January 1827 in Vienna, Dorchester, Maryland, d. 15 AUG 1877 in Clinton, Dewitt, Texas, and Ellen Ann Delamater Webb, b. 25 Jan 1842 in New York, d. 15 Jul 1876 in Clinton, Dewitt, Texas.

 William T Williams marker
And my mother's father's mother's mother, Dorcas White Williams has no parents listed so far.  Her life was from 13 Dec 1825 in Kentucky, to 21 NOV 1900 in Weesatche, Goliad, Texas.  Doras' husband William T. Williams has several generations on both sides going back to Frederick Williams, b. 13 Feb 1764 in Orangeburg, Orangeburg, South Carolina, d. 18 Nov 1831 in McMinn, Tennessee.

And now I must diverge off this path I set for myself.  Of the hundred or so ancestors who have shorter branches, this gentleman has a lot of data which I haven't downloaded yet to my tree.  War of 1812 and so on.  So I'll leave you here as I go delving into a life that has lots of records attached to it.

If the people who lived without a lot of paper only knew.  I honor them that they lived on this earth, loved with passions unknown to me, and left me some of their DNA to carry forward to other generations in the future. 


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