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Monday, June 9, 2014

What if I were...

I'm oozing into a new phase of thought.

What if I were...
A Baptist for a year?
A Catholic for a year?
Through with everything I've started...(earth is shaking here)
A Wiccan for a year?
A world traveler (this comes after rich, don't you know?)
A man.
Of a different sexual persuasion.
Thin again.
Young again.
An alien from another world.
Still married to my original husband.
Married to any of my boy friends?  (Stop right there!)
A farmer.
A politician.
An executive of a powerful corporation.
An attorney (which I've never felt inclined to do.)
A criminal.
Able to speak 5 more languages (or just one fluently.)
An athlete.
A famous artist.

Going to live long enough to do half of these interesting things?

You can see where my head is.  La la land, some would say.  But the realm of all possibilities does exist in my imagination.  If I wanted to wake up tomorrow and pretend to myself that I am just one of those things, I might be able to move into that role just a little bit.  Enough to feel some of the intense changes that it might represent.  But wait right here.  I'm going to start with spending one minute getting familiar with those changes for each of these possibilities (or impossibilities.)

The good news is that as I do one minute on each one, I keep thinking of more outrageous things to try.

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