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Friday, June 13, 2014

More of "what if" thinking.

What if...continues in my mind.

Just read about witch persecutions.  Thought of how Jews were persecuted also.
Then I thought, how Christians had been persecuted by Romans in the early centuries of that religious path.  And there's the history of some indigenous people's atrocities.
Now we think of Taliban and it's awful suicide bombings...

What if there was no one who could believe such drivel...that an afterlife would be wonderful if you did something terrible in this life.

Or no one thought that it was somehow right to kill or torture people who had differences in their spiritual beliefs or the rituals that wove around those beliefs.  Wars and brothers killing brothers over a God?  Please!

I celebrate all the different ideas that our wonderful species comes up with.

I'm so glad we aren't grey boring people.  

But let's just stop with a shoulder shaking that says, that's it.  We haven't got the only way to truth.  Someone else can be right, even if their beliefs aren't the same as ours.  Do they not love their children the same?  Do they not feel hurt and joy the same?

May all righteous indignation be limited to a sibling getting a bit more desert than I do.

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