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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little Church Around the Corner

Church of the Transfiguration
 New York City
around 1900


West Courtyard

East Courtyard
Photos from Wikipedia.
I bring these photos as an interesting diversion.  Why would my sister tell me my mother thought we were somehow related through our grandfather's mother to the Woolworth Fortune, and this church?  (See my blog about Annie Williams Webb HERE.)

I really don't remember my mother ever telling this story.  So perhaps it was an interesting research my sister instigated.  But my memory is really bad about whatever my mother might have said, and my sister did live with her as an adult.  So I've always figured that someday it would make sense.

But now my sister is caught in a loop of days gone by, so having a conversation with her is not very fruitful.  He choice of days gone by is usually complaining about something I said, because I wasn't able to be in the same city much with any of my family.

So, I offer this musing today.

 Other connections are that my sister was/is Episcopalian.  I think she may have visited the church in hopes of getting some information about some connection to our family.  We don't have any thespians in the family, so that isn't the connection.

Isn't it fun?  I can find out about a piece of Manhattan property, and do lots of research on it.  But I chose not to.  So I'm just going to take a thread of the tapestry of my ancestors and my life, and follow another one tomorrow.

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