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Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's summer, so?

I'm spending the rest of the weekend working on my own health.

Notice the spindly look to those pansies now that summer has given them a week of 80s and thunderstorms most afternoons.  This morning very early, I planted the first coleus in with them, and will add the other 3 as soon as their roots are established.

I cut back the mint that was threatening to block entrance to the house.  So the steps are now clear on that side anyway.  Now there's a pile of peppermint on the dining room table.  Since I don't have a dining room, nor a kitchen's the one in the living room (in case you've actually visited me!)

Health issues will not be discussed here.  If I broke a leg.  If I had a gall bladder out (already been there, done that.)  If I had a nervous breakdown (already been there, done that.)  If I was just being checked out without symptoms...ok, you get the message.  For my friends who know and support me going through the Irritible Bowel Syndrome...thanks.  For the rest of you, I'll let you keep your 10-year-old bathroom humor intact.  And I'll just go through what I have to go through.  Aren't you glad?

There are some limits to what I see as acceptable social sharing.  I think that's appropriate.

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