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Friday, June 27, 2014

Earliest ancestor birth?

Another early birthday ancestor, on my grandmother's tree.  First, a review of the generations from my parents back through time:

Here I spoke of Capt. Ebenezer Pulsifer. birth: Dec 26, 1773, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.  death: 7 Nov 1827 in Newburyport, MA

He was father of Lucy Pulsifer Granger. Birth:  Feb 1, 1807 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts. Death 23 May 1876 in Galveston, Galveston County, Texas.  (I give a lot of details of her husband George Granger's life Here.)

She was mother of  Mary Hull Granger Phillips. Birth May 6, 1829 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts. Death Oct-Dec 1861 in Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas,  (The link is to a blog posted about some of her correspondence before the Civil War.)

She was mother of Zulieka Granger Phillips Swasey. Birth 30 July 1858 in Fort Gaines, Clay, Georgia. Death 21 April 1935 near Rosenberg, Texas,buried in Galveston Texas

She was mother of Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers, Birth: Feb 23, 1886 in San Marcos, Hays, Texas,. Death 2 DEC 1964 in Houston, Texas

She was the mother of my father George Elmore Rogers, Jr. Birth 9 NOV 1914 in Texas. Death 5 JAN 1985 in Houston, Harris, Texas
Now to look further back
Capt. Ebenezer Pulsifer's father was:
Ebenezer Pulsifer Birth 4 Nov 1744 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, Death 1795 in New York

His father was David Pulsifer, Birth 4 Mar 1716 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, Death 2 Dec 1783 in Bunker Hill, Boston, MA.  And his mother was:  Hannah Brown Pulsifer, Birth 16 Jan 1718 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, Death BEF 1756 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.  Ancestry is a bit confused about Mrs. Pulsifer, giving 3 different women marriages with David Pulsifer Sr.  (There was a son David Jr. born in 1840 as well.) But since Hannah Brown Pulsifer has three children from her marriage, I'll work with that family for now.  And her family goes back further as well.

Hannah Brown Pulsifer's father was: Benjamin Brown, Birth 1669 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, Death 1733 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts

Benjamin Brown's mother was:  Hannah Aslett Brown, Birth 21 Dec 1644 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, Death 1721 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts

Hannah Aslett Brown's mother was: Rebecca Ayer Aslett, Birth 1623 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Death 1671 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.  Her husband John could have been Aslebee, or Alley, but Hannah is daughter of Aslett, so I'll go with that family name.

Rebecca Ayer Aslett's father was: John Ayer, Birth 1592 in Suffolk, England. Death 1657 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts

John Ayer's father was: Thomas Eyre, Birth 1562 in Bromhan, Wiltshire, England, Death 1628 in England

And John's mother was:  Elizabeth Rogers Eyre, Birth 1549 in Poole, England, Death 1612 in England

Elizabeth Rogers Eyre's father was: John Rogers, Birth 1523 in Poole, England, Death unknown in Bock, Dorset, England.  But he's not the oldest birth record in this line, I only go in this direction because it's another Rogers link perhaps, but I don't know of a connecting link yet.

Back to Thomas Eyre...his father was: Robert Eyre, Birth 1530 in Wiltshire, England, Death 1564 in England

Robert Eyre's father was: John Eyre, Birth 1490 in Wiltshire, England, Death 11 May 1532 in Wiltshire, England

John Eyre's father was: William Eyre, Birth 1444 in England, Death 1507 in England

And ancestry just gave me a new "hint" from other family trees.  So I'll add those names here as well as to my own tree line.

No I won't...I found twenty trees that are so entwined and garbled, I really don't care to weed through the branches and twigs, because they don't all agree.  If I were to find a clearing, I'd probably feel satisfied.  But today it's just giving me a headache. 
It's possible William Eyre's father is Thomas Eyre Birth 1399 in Wiltshire, England, Death 1432 in Wolstanton, Wiltshire, England, and his mother is Elizabeth Rogers Eyre, Birth 1403 in Wiltshire, England, Death 1462 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

(NOTE: Upon reading this in edit mode, I note that I just said William's father died in 1432 when William was born in 1444...BIT OF A MISTAKE THERE!)

I think this is far enough back, though there were mothers listed who gave birth to several children in their 50s.  I don't think that happened.  These must have been men listing these families, who didn't think about how old a woman would be when she stopped having children.  Honestly! OK, I just realized that records of women's birth dates also might be the problem here.

So I am happy if this tree should go back to 1399, or just 1444.  That's a long long time ago.  May all these ancestors rest in peace. 


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