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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cemetery Roving Part 7

Piney Grove Cemetery located on 3 sides of First Presbyterian Church of Swannanoa, NC...another hilltop setting. 
Piney Grove Cemetery Founded 1794
William Davidson, soldier of the Revolutionary War.
A fairly new (when looking at centuries) marker is the first thing we saw, honoring a Revolutionary War veteran who also was a member of "the House of Commons in 1790 and the Senate" which might mean NC rather than US.  This DAR marker might have some confusion as to whether Maj. William Davidson or Col. Davidson was actually in these offices. (source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ncccha/4173126688/)  And the link writes about where Maj. Davidson was actually buried.

William Davidson 1744-1804

The alphabetical by last name directory was outstanding for visitor use.
William F. Davidson 1833-1908
Rev. Luther Hitt (1871-1911) with an older stone leaning against his. 
Pvt. James Alexander, Revolutionary War, d. June 28, 1844

James Alexander (1756-1844) and Rhoda Alexander (1763-1848)
Wiiliam Gudger, NC Pvt, Rev War, Indian Wars, (1752-1833)
I have more pictures, but will just keep them in a file.  I have spent many hours arranging them by cemeteries and names.
Our search for the oldest marker will end today with William Gudger who died in 1833.  Maj. Davidson may have a commemorative marker but he was actually buried elsewhere.

But wait, there was one more cemetery that we found, but could not visit.  It's behind a mobile home on a private road, and people were apparently there, and we didn't really want to wade through the weeds to see the markers more closely.  In the wintertime when the weeds are down, we might knock on the door and give our benign intentions.  We did hear that Ingram Cemetery has another Revolutionary War veteran.

As close as I walked and used my "telephoto lens" on  iPhone.

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