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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cemetery Roving Part 6 - Patton Cemetery

This is a cemetery I want to go back and spend more time looking closer at the headstones, perhaps doing some rubbings on nice archival paper.

Patton cemetery, estd. 1794, Trustees Mrs. A. B. White and P. P. Thomas.
So we started to look for the oldest grave stone here, but didn't have time to look at them all.

Infant Porter d. 1887
Another Porter child, died 1896
Confederate Marker, Patton Cemetery
More Confederate flags were here...and no American flags.
Hemphill 1843-79
Aaron died 1826, age 52 to 71 years
Aaron's marker must have been a replacement, perhaps of the little stone behind it.  The age range might indicate his descendents didn't really remember how old he had been in 1826.

Alexander Porter, 1798-1861

Stone house and retaining wall, up the gravel portion of Patton Cemetery Road, Swannanoa, NC
Tomorrow I'll show you the first batch of pictures from the Swannano Presbyterian Church, or Piney Grove Cemetery, with  Revolutionary War veterans!

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