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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cemetery Roving Part 3 and others

More pictures of our first tour of cemeteries of Black Mountain and Swannanoa, NC
And others which are what you actually find when a cemetery is listed as Unknown.

Buncombe County Cemeteries list says:

Unknown – Black Mountain
Behind Hosiery Mill

Teresa happened to know where the old hosiery mill had been in Black Mountain.  It's now Grey Eagle Arena with a fire department building attached.  The property is adjacent to the Community Gardens, and a par course for frisbies.

The Swannanoa River curves around there also.

 Several vacant fields and very overgrown woods are also there.

The river and a walking path go under Interstate 40 over to the playing fields.

We never found sign nor marker for a cemetery.  I wonder where it is. 
Next post I promise to show you more graves!

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