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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last night's rain

Actually I took these a few nights ago, when the sun came out and gave us a lovely double rainbow.

But today is market day in Black Mountain, so I'm glad the rain has gone, though the sun isn't out yet.  It's so nice and cool at night in the mountains.

I'm taking some more pottery over and will bring home some that didn't sell last week.  It would be nice to never have to bring it home, wouldn't it?  Oh well, that's the way of markets these days.

The Volunteer appreciation party at church was well attended, though not as well as I hoped. We were inside rather than on our lawn.  I should list everyone who helped make our Trillium Festival and yard sale so effective.  Never doubt what a group of committed people can do, which I think was first said by Margaret Mead.  I sure appreciated all their work.

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