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Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy birthday, Isaac Booth, May 16, 1795

Isaac Booth born on 5.16.1795, in Connecticut
died on  8.17.1836, in Green Creek, Sandusky County, Ohio

I've written about him before, as well as his wife, and his parents.  Please feel free to browse.

his wife: http://boardwalkbarb.blogspot.com/2013/10/jane-mcelhaney-booth.html

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his grandmother: http://boardwalkbarb.blogspot.com/2013/11/a-foremother-from-connecticut.html

and his son William Lewis Booth: http://boardwalkbarb.blogspot.com/2014/02/william-lewis-booth.html

So is there anything new to add?
Let's go checking the stories on Ancestry.com.  Frequently another descendent has found something new to add, so it's always interesting to check.  Remember by the time I go back to the Revolutionary War, there were about 2000 people alive who were to become my ancestors.

Yes, how about his brothers, Legrand Booth (1783-1865) and William Lewis Booth (1797-1864).
So my great grandfather William Lewis Booth (1818-1894) was named after his uncle...that's interesting.  And one of his brothers was named after the other Uncle Legrand.

And would you like to read some juicy gossip about one of those great-uncles?  Actually it's more about his descendents...my cousins.  This is published on Ancestry.

First some background. Uncle Legrand Booth was married twice.  Elizer Lewis Booth (1806-1867) was Legrand's oldest son (from first wife) who married Ann Gooding Booth.  Her brother, Chester Gooding, wrote the following letter to Elliot Lansing Booth (1823-1882) who was Legrand's son by his second wife, Mary.  My half third cousin (a descendent also of William Lewis Booth by his first wife) Cheryl Richardson probably wrote the notes.  (I've added the parentheses with italics)

"Letter written to Elliot Lansing Booth from his bro-in-law, Chester Gooding."

I have no information about the Legrand Booth family except what is contained in a letter dated April 23, 1859, addressed to Elliott Booth by his brother-in-law, Chester Gooding, E. Bloomfield (state not given). I will quote parts of the letter as it mentions places where some of the family lived:

“I will give you an account of your father's family. Your mother died January 8, 1852. The family at the time of her death consisted of your father, (Legrand), (and siblings) Lafayette (Erastus), and Ann Jeanette, Lucius having been married the fall before to Mary Hopkins. After a time your father becoming dissatisfied and uneasy they concluded to break up and leave and your father went to live with (his daughter) Emeline who lived in Lafayette, Indiana, with her second husband, Mr. William Cochrane, having been divorced from Hummer who had left her and run off with a female spirit medium. Mr. Cochrane, being a very wealthy man and a large land holder and not enjoying very good health, Emeline wrote to Lafayette and father to come and live with them. Your father went up in November 1852. He did not like living in Indiana and left there in the following summer and went to Fitchburg, Dane County, Wisconsin, to live with (son) Eli who was married and living there. Your father writes that he likes Wisconsin very much and enjoys excellent good health.

“Lafayette married in Indiana and also left and went to Fitchburg to live. He stayed there until this spring and has now returned to Lafayette and is in the County Clerk's office writing at a salary of ten dollars a week.
(other sons of Legrand)

“Edward is in Joliette, Illinois, and is not married. Lucius moved last fall to Mundy, Genesee County, Michigan. Elizur lives where your father used to live and has as much flesh to carry about as your father ever had. Ann Jeanette is living with us.”

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