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Monday, April 7, 2014

matriarch - Frances Norman (1686-1752)

A matriarch: Frances C. Courtney Norman, Birth 17 Jan 1686 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland, Virginia; Death 1752 in Culpeper, Culpeper, Virginia (generation 15 back from my grandchildren)

wife of Isaac Norman, who was posted here yesterday, the patriarch.

She was born in the Northern Neck of Virginia, near where George Washington later was born.  She may have married Isaac Norman in 1700, but this detail has just been removed somehow from my Ancestry page.

And something weird is happening over there, which basically is confusing as all get out.  Her husband is listed with all 11 of their children.  And she is listed with all 11 of their children...separately, thus the same children are there twice.  I don't plan to merge them all...I just don't know how these things happen.  

So when the information that I can copy onto my records is just from the other trees that are available on line, I wait, and don't copy into mine, until I find the original sources.

I do know I merged some other facts onto my tree, and now they've also disappeared.  A minute ago she had parents, with her father born in Bristol, England.  He's disappeared for now. Ah, now he's back, and these are her parents that Ancestry is listing Right Now: James Courtney (1640-1698)  & Mary Elizabeth Jenkins (1646-1696) who was born in Virginia.

I don't care.  At least I have some information about the matriarch of the Norman line.  Of course there were 2 places that she may have been born, and 2 places that she may have died, but I'm assuming part of that problem is the changing names in early Virginia as more counties were added...for the same places.  

The thing that did bother me was finding other people's trees with her birth so much later that it meant she was supposedly marrying at 4 years old, and having her first child at that age.  That's just not thinking.  So if those "facts" disappear, I won't be sorry.

Rappahannock River Island

This is an ancestor of mine, from early pioneers in Virginia.  How she and her husband met...married, and moved to the area now known as Culpeper County, I wish I knew.

He is listed in various land documents, so I know they were there, building a farm, a house, living off the labors of their own hands, raising their family.  This grand matriarch mother of mine was strong and lived to 66 or maybe 68, and may be buried in Culpeper Cemetery.  She had 11 children.  That proves her strength to me.




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