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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Great times seven grandparent

My seven times great grandfather - going back on my father's mother's side of the ancestry I find:

Joseph Swasey

Birth 12 Sept, 1653 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Death 1710 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts  

The birthdate is listed on Salem birth registry as "13: 8m: 1653"  To me that translates as Aug 13, not Sept 12.  And the people translated it as Oct 13.  I guess the months were a bit different at that time.  (He is the Joseph Swase, s of Joseph and Mary in the center of the page below.)  I don't know what CT. and R. mean.

But I do know he lived in Salem in 1692 when the infamous witch trials were taking place.  Salem Village was the site of the witch trials, while Salem Town was not.  Salem Village is now Danvers, MA, and Salem Town is our present day Salem, MA.  There is no distinction in the records I've been looking I don't know upon which side of a disputed border the Swaseys lived.

his son:

Samuel Swasey

Birth 14 July 1682 in Salem, Essex,Massachusetts
Death 1739 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts,

his son:

Joseph Swasey

Birth before 12 August 1714 in Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts,
Death 1801 in Somerset, Bristol, Massachusetts, 

his son:

Jerathmel Bowers Swasey 

Birth 10 May 1752 in Somerset, Bristol, Massachusetts 

Death 4 Feb 1826 in Somerset, Bristol, Massachusetts

his son:

Alexander G Swasey

Birth 10 Sept 1784 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts
Death 28 Oct 1861 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island

his son:

Captain Alexander G. Swasey Jr.

Birth April 14, 1812 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts
Death March 26, 1866 in Charleston County, South Carolina

his son:

Alexander John Swasey

Birth May 20, 1853 in South Carolina
Death OCT 4, 1913 in Galveston, Tex
His daughter:
Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers
1886 – 1964
Her Son:

George Elmore Rogers Jr

Birth 9 NOV 1914 in Texas
Death 5 JAN 1985 in Texas
His Daughter:
Barbara Rogers (me)

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