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Friday, April 18, 2014

Alice Luella Rogers Ross b.4.18.1853

Great great Aunt Alice L. Rogers Ross was born on this day in 1853...and she lived until 1925.

My grandfather's aunt, Alice Luella Rogers married John Elmore Ross, who was Sophia Elmore Ross' grandson (and born 2 years before she died.)

General John Elmore (I posted about him HERE) was a soldier in the American Revolution.  When you notice how many people named a son George Washington ________(insert their last name here) you can see that the leaders of that revolution were pretty popular.  So my father, George Elmore Rogers, and his father also carried the middle name of Elmore, though they were not descendents of General John Elmore, the hero.  (And obviously they were also named George, but that was also the name of several English kings, so I don't know who it originally referred to!)

Gen. Elmore's third child, Sophia Saxon Elmore, married George W. Ross (she was 15, he age 31 and probably a doctor).  They lived in Laurens, South Carolina, and then Mississippi.  Their grandson, John Elmore Ross, married my great great aunt Alice Luella Rogers, which is how I have any relationship to the Elmores.

I had a comment posted on my site about General Elmore just the other morning, which I'm including here, because this is the fun I've found in doing this genealogy...we're cousins somehow, having the same great great... grandparents waaaaay back when.

Patricia Elmore said...
I am the great, great, great granddaughter of John Archer Elmore. I found your account of how his name entered into your family quite interesting. My lineage to JA Elmore is this: John Archer Elmore -> Henry Marshall Elmore -> William Augustus Elmore -> John Rugely Elmore -> William Augustus Elmore -> Patricia Elmore (me). Thanks for posting this.

Incidentally, Alice Luella Rogers Ross' father was named, (you guessed it,) George Washington Rogers (1820-1864.) 

I first posted a birthday wish to Great Aunt Alice last year, which you might read HERE. And I've gone back and corrected my errors where I used to think my grandfather and his sister lived with the Ross's because the Ross' became their guardians upon the children's father's death.  My update is because I have since found that their widowed mother was still alive for many years and included her children in her household on some census data.  The census doesn't lie, much.

About Great Aunt Alice's death...another conundrum from Ancestry.com.  Here's her death certificate:

It says that she was widowed as of June 15, 1925, dying of cirrhosis of the liver, and that she had been under the doctors care since May 26.  Also she was buried on the 16th of June in Mexia, Texas.

When I look to see her husband's date of death on Ancestry, I find John Elmore Ross died on June 15, 1925, in Galveston, Texas.  There's no verifying data attached.  I'm sorry, I don't want to spend any more time figuring out how something weird has happened, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't in my Aunt and Uncle's lives...but on the record keeping of Ancestry.

If you know the facts, and have some documentation, please send them my way.  Thanks!

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