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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So long, Cleo

She is crossing the rainbow bridge to the Summerlands...but was only leaving 3 footprints as she came onto the bridge, because she had lost the use of one of her paws last week.

But as she gets to the other side, to the side where she won't forget the good loving folks she's lived with, she will forget the pain, and she will start jumping and running like she did as a kitten.

She will see so many of her friends who have gone before her.  They will meet and kiss noses, and then slide against each other's furry sides.  Their purrs might be heard all the way on earth sometimes.

A tortoiseshell cat is a very special one.  There are no male tri-colored cats.  So that sets these ladies apart right away.

Then add a good dose of Siamese.  I had one of these lovely ladies to care for in my lifetime for a while, and I still remember her loyalty and love.  She could speak to me with that funny language of hers.

My friends will have a lot of tears, but will eventually return to their lives without this little friend and companion, this "familiar" for the witchy woman that shall not be named.

I don't know where my photos of Cleo might have gone.  She used to like to sit with her head up inside a lampshade, with the lamp turned on giving her a very warm head...and I think my friend took a picture of her doing that.  I see her in my mind and heart still, but can't share her that way with you now.

And here's a sculpture of Brigid, the triple goddess of healing/midwifery, smithcraft, and poetry.  May she be another spirit that blesses Cleo.


Rosemary said...

Thank you Aunt Barb (to our Cleo.) Your words comfort us and send her off to Summerland in style. She's our darling girl. Our hearts are so sad right now.
She was a loving soul that we'll miss so much until we see her again.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

"She used to like to sit with her head up inside a lampshade, with the lamp turned on giving her a very warm head..."

What a precious cat, she must have been. My heart goes out to her owner/friend, in her loss.

Gentle hugs,