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Monday, February 10, 2014

Chauncey G. Sweet, Chapter 3

His mother, Mrs.Elizabeth Sweet was known as "Grand Aunt" in the family.

Elizabeth P

1201 Avenue I, Galveston, TX
1201 Avenue I, Galveston Texas, "Aunties home that she lived as (unclear?) momma"

Chauncey's wife, who I wrote about in a blog back last September, was Ada Pulsifer Phillips Sweet.
Auntie (Mrs Chauncy Sweet)
Auntie, Mrs. C. G. Sweet
"Ada Phillips grew up in the same household as her cousin and eventual husband...since she was a war orphan and lived with Aunts. She was 35 before she married. She and Chauncey Sweet had no children of their own, but in several census reports from Galveston, there are nieces and nephews listed in their household.

"She lived a long life, dying at 71 in 1932.  Her husband, who was five years younger than she was, remarried..."
in 1936 in San Francisco. 

Uncle Chauncey and Genevieve Fraizer after their wedding in San F. Calif.

Uncle Chauncey, taken in Calif. 1937 (though the written inscription says 1936, the photo stamp says 1937)

My grandmother's great-Uncle Chauncey Sweet died in California on Feb 11, 1947 when he was 82.  He was buried there.
Perhaps this photo taken by Uncle Chauncy Sweet in San Francisco
Perhaps taken by Chauncey G. Sweet in San Francisco

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