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Sunday, February 16, 2014

As far back as I can go

There are so many ancestors who don't have any parents on their information.  They have supposed birthdays, and birth places.  But the parents are unknown, at least at this time.

So Ancestry.com does this fun thing, called Hints.  This means someone who didn't have any documents besides once being in a census, may now have some new information.  It's kind of fun, but often leads to more mis-information.  I have to be careful with what is already known when adding the new stuff.

But there are many people that go just to their beginnings, and nobody further back.  (I wouldn't call it a dead end...because it's their births, not their deaths!)

Right now I'm exploring Nancy Handford Williams, who suddenly has "hints" from other people's family trees.  And there may definitely be some dates.  All I knew before was a "born about 1796 in Kentucky, and died after 1850 in Montgomery County, MO."

Oh goodie goodie, there are 3 census reports and a death in April of 1860...she lived another 10 years...which I'll peruse soon.  Then I can flesh out her life a bit more.  She became the great grandmother of my grandfather who died young.

See ya later....

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B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Yay, I've found her parents and their parents, going back to Ireland and Scotland. I knew my roots went into that soil somhwhere or another.