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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter flowers

This poor mixed up bloom of amaryllis, which had started to sprout in the box, made it this far, and no further.  It just didn't have leaves to help it figure out what it was supposed to do.  Box must have been warm where the bulb had been stored before I purchased it.  Of course I gave it soil and water and light, but it didn't make it.  And though it's guaranteed, I threw out the box.

So the bulb is now following the proper procedures and may have leaves, and if I'm lucky, a beautiful flower like I had last year.

Two of my friends this winter, cat and amaryllis

In case not, I've got a lovely orchid to enjoy. 

When I gave one to my friend who cat sat for me, I decided to gift myself with one as well.

 It reminds me of O'Keefe's paintings.

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