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Friday, January 10, 2014

The dreams of Oz

Abandoned theme park, Beech Mountain, NC.

Unless you have the backing of Disney's corporation, or maybe any multi-million-dollar corporation, your nice theme park may just go the way of this one.

A good idea isn't enough.

I don't know what is.  So I won't go into the sadness or depressed place that this picture elicits for me.

Instead I'll remember the first time I saw Oz.  And that my mother was also raised on Oz books.  This was the stuff of pushing a young person's imagination.  Santa Claus was just one story.  Think about all the stories we learned from books, before TV broadcasts where so much is already pixilated so our imagination doesn't have to figure out how big something is, or what shade of yellow those bricks were.  Of course children's books had illustrations.  Not photographs in those days.  Beautifully rendered art.

As a potter, I'm impressed with that glaze on those bricks.  Yellow is a very distinct color of glaze.

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