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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Well, Muffin, just some days a little snow must fall.

Waking up to a medium warm bedroom when the temperature outside reads 15.7 degrees F, and since it's close to the window, frequently it's a few degrees higher than the national weather people.

But I am NOT complaining.  Many people are not only dealing with drifts of snow, but much colder temperatures.  And lots of kids are being kept out of school.  I feel for the moms and dads who have to leave for work as well as have to find day care for their kids.  It's not easy!

And kids can't really be outside playing at minus temps.  No fun.  Time for pop corn and TV and maybe even board games.  What do you remember growing up when cold weather kept you inside for days "snowbound" in one way or another?

As a child I loved puzzles, so they were part of the entertainment.  Books of course.  And toasted cheese sandwiches (the kind fried in a skillet buttered on both sides) with tomato soup for lunch.  That was when my Mom was home to give us lunch.  Cards.  Oh my yes.  My mom taught me double solitaire, War, rummy, crazy 8's, Old Maid, Hearts, gin rummy, and when my little sister was playing, Fish of course.

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